Interim Controller
A corporate Controller is an integral part of any accounting department, and when you suddenly find yourself without one, what can you do?  Kristen Eakes, CPA PLLC can be an interim solution for you.  Whether you have a Controller on medical or maternity leave, or you are between Controllers, Kristen can step in and help keep your accounting department on track.  If you are looking for a new Controller, Kristen can help you with your search and train your new Controller, helping your new employee get started on the right foot and using less of your valuable time.

Fractional Controller
Some businesses don't have a Controller, but wonder if they need one.  If your business needs more accounting experience and expertise, but you don't want to hire, train and manage additional staff, consider hiring Kristen to work with you and your existing accounting staff part-time.  One day a month or once a week, Kristen can help when you need it.

Special Projects
Are you starting a new business venture, a new division, or are you experiencing change?  Focus on your core business and let Kristen focus on your accounting, financial reporting and internal controls.  Kristen's experience can help ensure that your accounting processes and procedures keep up with you and your business.  If you already have an existing accounting staff, Kristen can supplement their time and talent to help your business get through whatever changes and challenges it is experiencing.

Account Reconciliation
Sometimes a company's accounting records get messy.  You're not proud of it and neither is your staff, but help is just a phone call away.  Kristen can help you get back on track by reconciling bank accounts and general ledger accounts for you, so your accounting staff can keep moving forward instead of looking backward.

Audit Readiness
Going through an audit is time consuming and expensive.  Proper preparation can save your company both time and money by reducing audit fees and valuable staff time.  If you've never been through an audit before, or if you have been through audits for years but need some extra help preparing, Kristen can help.